Town of Brooker, Florida


**  No Smoking Allowed in the Building!
**  Absolutely NO Alcoholic Beverages on Premises!
**  No Pets Allowed inside of Building!
*  Do not use tape, glue, nails, etc. on the walls, ceiling or doorways.  If you plan on decorating the building and would like to do so the day before, you will have to rent the building for both days.  Otherwise, you can only enter the building on the day that you rent.
*  If using building for a dance, no shoes allowed on the floor.
*  Do not drag chairs or tables across the floor or stand on them.  Table & Chairs are not to be taken or used outside.
**  Put tables & chairs back in the racks in locked building.
Round Tables - 8 per rack.  Chairs - 84 on double rack & 48 on single rack.
Racks are not to be removed from storage building.
(22 Round Tables & 8 long tables)
**  Leave all rooms clean and use dust broom on floors.  (Brooms/mops located in closet)
**  Remove all trash & debris from inside and out, including restrooms.  YOU ARE TO HAUL OFF THE TRASH FROM THESE PREMISES.
**  Wipe counter tops off in kitchen.
*  Turn off all lights except designated ones & lock all doors.
*  Do not leave any items in the Refrigerator or Freezer.
*  Key must be returned to City Hall before deposit will be refunded.
*  Failure to adhere to any or all of these rules may result in the loss of the deposit.


All Day - Sunday - $100.00 (9am - 9pm)
1/2 Day on Weekdays - Monday - Thursday - $75.00 (1pm - 9pm)
All Day - Weekend - Friday - $100.00 (1pm - 12 midnight)
All Day - Weekend - Saturday - $125.00 (9am - 11pm)


1.  Renter must be at least 21 years of age (picture ID required)
2.  $50.00 cash security deposit required at time of reservation.
3.  Renter is responsible for any and all damages to the building during their rental.
4.  Rental for a child/teen function must have sufficient adult supervision.
5.  Rental Fee must be paid at least a month before schedule reservation if possible.
(Fee must be paid in full before key will be issued.  Key will not be issued before 12:00 noon)